Funny Pet Food Dispenser Toy
Funny Pet Food Dispenser Toy

Funny Pet Food Dispenser Toy

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Do you love your dog having fun around?

Tricky Treat Ball will entertain your dog for hours!

Dogs are highly intelligent and social animals, just like people, they need activities, companion and material. Most of the misbehavior are due to fidgets and lack of exercises. If you cannot meet your pet’s basic requirements, they find a way themselves:)

Tricky Treat Ball will make your dog busy for hours!

– Specially designed to exercise your dog in a fun & healthy way.

– Keep them occupied and active as they try to retrieve their prize from the ball.

– Get them to utilize any excess energy which may cause them to misbehave.

– Designed to help reduce the risk of your pet developing behavioral problems which may stem from fear, aggression or boredom.

– Great for stimulating your dogs natural instincts, senses and mind so that you have a more happy pet.

Simply insert your dog’s favorite dry food or treats into the ball. As your dog plays with this challenging interactive ball it will dispense treats keeping your dog focused and entertained.

This ball is a fantastic funny toy for your lovely pet. With built-in a special sounder, it can issue quack sound when the ball rolling (not battery operated).

After putting food in it, your pet will enjoy the food and play the ball at the same time!

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