Partnering with Pet Marvel

Pet Marvel makes the best products for you and your pets. Determinded to give you a hassle-free pet-caring experience. We’d love to pass that determination to our partner program.


About Products

Products features from 2 different series, the smart series provides an option of automatic cat litter box, water fountain and pet feeder, air purifier and more. The non-smart series provides an option from feeder to toys, from cleaning supplies to manicure supplies. The two series combine into a total of 4 aspects that include Clean, Feed, Water and Drink. Also, Pet Marvel’s products are producing by its own factory, which lead us an strong control on product quality while well balancing the cost.

Collaboration Perks

Knowledge of the targeted market

As a global supplier, we’ve gathered a great number of information on pet market. Our vendors are all over the world, including the United States, Australia, Japan, China and other countries and regions. We made millions of sales last year(2021) alone, The successful sales experience of the products is the best publicity we have.

A word on product R&D

We believe that under different cultural backgrounds, customer’s needs for products may vary on scenarios and practices. We are not interested in making a one-thing-fits-all product, we will always first analyse the wants and needs for the local market before we design and product any products. So we place a high value on our vendor’s opinions on product’s R&D.

Dedicated customer service

You will be working with our professonal account management team, who understand the pet industry and have perfound knowledge on market penetration. Let’s get in touch and find out.

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