Live a marvelous life with pet.

With over 10 years’ experience in pet product design, Pet Marvel is a high-tech company enabled with in-house pet behavioral psychology research team, who’s committed to convey high-end pet consumption philosophy and to build a full picture of modern tech life with pet.


Free, Funny, Future tech, that's the essential at Pet Marvel. We are committed to build convenience, safe, fun, technology-lead life with pet. 


Started as a group of passionate pet parents, supported by experienced design and product team. We have successfully launch a series of pet products that are well liked by our customers all over the world.


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Brand Mission

Proudly, besides the original innovative design, Pet Marvel cares to redefine a more simple, high-qualified and fulfilled tech life with our loved pets.

Brand Vision

Known and believed by heart, we are aware that pet is our family. From the very first beginning, we have been dedicated on bringing a high-tech life with joy and warmth to all pet families through our diverse products.