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Slow Feeder Bowl

$18.99 USD

Color: Orange

This choke-proof slow feeder bowl for pets is made from food-grade PP+TPR, ensuring peace of mind. The bowl is round in shape with a non-slip pad at the bottom, providing stability and preventing tipping. The overall design facilitates easy placement of food: a high-density grid in the center makes it easy to jam dry food, effectively slowing down the pet's eating; while short and sparse grids around the perimeter make it easy to wipe in wet food, nutritional creams, supplemental food powder, and more.

Non-Slip Design

A larger bottom with anti-slip pads

Healthy Material

Food-grade PP and TPR material

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Promote Healthy Diet

The slow feeder bowl is meticulously designed to decelerate feeding, encouraging pets to eat and drink at a slower pace, thereby preventing indigestion, vomiting, and bloating. It aids in controlling canine obesity by incorporating a maze-like design and a calorie-controlled diet. Eating slower promotes better health for your pets.

Safe Material & Non-Slip Design

The slow feeder bowl is crafted from food-safe, high-strength PP and TPR materials. It includes non-slip rubber feet on the bottom to prevent tipping, with a widened base to resist being knocked over by pets.

Easy to Place Food

High-density grid in the center, easy for jamming dry food, effectively slowing down the pet's eating; short and sparse grid around the perimeter, easy for wiping wet food, nutritional creams, supplemental food powder, and so on.

Fun Bowl Features

Inspired by natural design principles, every meal becomes a healthy and enjoyable game for dogs.

  • S:8.66*8.66*1.77"
  • L:10.43*10.43*2.05”

Slow Feeder Bowl

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